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Our Services

Computer Repairs

Affordable IT

Format Windows 10|Opensource Software| Security Software|Linux|Maintenance|Bring back dead computers 75%

Website & Hosting

Ecommerce PAY PAL Intergration

Magazine websites|Blogs|TV Station|Radio Station|Portfolio websites|Landing pages|
Social media websites


Graphic Design

There's no limit to designs

Business Card|Label |Letterhead|Logo| Business Card|Signage|Billboard|Flyers & more

Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery

Hard Drive |Laptop Data|
Flash drives|Encrypted Data

Point of Sale Systems

Hardware|Retail & More

Our systems range from a single POS system to multiple terminal systems ,which can be configured wired or wireless. 

Social Media

Types of Social Media Networks

 Facebook| Twitter| LinkedIn|Media Sharing Networks| Instagram| Snapchat|YouTube.

Media Planing

Know Your Target Audience

Newspapers| Magazines| Websites| TV| Radio Stations| and outdoor placement.

Other Services

Online Appointments...

Typing|Resume’s |Cover Letter| Permission Letter|Typing Contract|Passports Size Pictures|Printing Service|Convert Music|& more! 



Plastic Spine binding

This method uses round plastic spines with 19 rings (for US Letter size) or 21 rings (for A4 size).

Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To alleviate with the strains of the pandemic, browwwsers has implemented the following procedures:
Whatsapp any work you would like us to complete.
We will then quote you the cost and execute the work.
Copies will be made once confirmation of collection time has been confirmed.
For typing we will send a draft for approval then print once accepted.
Computer and graphic work can also be collected at curbside.

Systems repairs will require a downpayment of $200.00 We can still order parts from abroad but please be aware that shipping times have been protracted. We will advise accordingly. Full payment for imported parts must be made in advance.

Customers will be guided accordingly regarding payments.
Due to the current constraints this is the best we can do. Please whatsapp us with any queries as this is our only form of contact at this time. Thank you for your patience and please stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best-refurbished laptops at this time are really hard to find. Anyone looking at a reasonable cost should consider opting for a refurbished laptop. Refurbished laptops are not only revised and updated to eliminate signs of wear and tear and deliver superb performance, but also come backed with 2 months warranty, so you can always have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is in safe hands.

Tech support for 2 weeks using Zoom or Team-Viewer, which is already installed in your laptop.

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