7-10 Syllabus

Participants following the 7-10 year age group, will be introduced to important aspects of understanding the computer, from basic
introduction to a computer which will include; how to power the machine on/off, its components and external devices and attachments and planned maintenance procedures.

Use of office programs, they will be introduced to building a document, editing and proper saving techniques.

A variety of games which aid in learning the keyboard and how to efficiently use it will make the experience fun.

Audio editing, they will be shown how to safely play and copy music, as well as edit and mix tracks; creating fun ringtones, and compiling their own CD, relieving the tension of a schooling environment. Kids will also use DJ mixing software which they can use at home, you now have your own personal DJ!

In addition, they will be introduced to programs  which will teach them how to create and alter pictures; exercises to demonstrate how to create graphics such as flyers and signs. Being able to get creative, peering imagination with technology is a fun way of getting a hands on approach to learning.

Also featured, an introduction to online searching tools for academic and practical purposes and how to safely use the internet and avoid the everyday mistakes that are of concern to all parents.

Keeping in mind that learning can be fun, there are an array of programs, sites and Apps which we will use to have fun while teaching. Games and programs which will remove sense “school” but keep functions of learning.

We will also cover the safe use of Android devices.


As a bonus all participants will receive a copy of the PC software they will be taught and we have set up a forum for them to ask questions after the course.