How to

How do I even begin searching for something online?

Select whichever web browser you're comfortable with, we usually recommend Google, the others are to slow, and have unnecessary adverts.

Very important, know EXACTLY what you're looking for. Go onto the search bar and type it in, whether its Trinidad and Tobago Carnival results 2009, or recipe for sponge cake.

Think of the search engine like a child, if you say too much in one sentence you will confuse the poor thing. Hence, try to keep the word limit to a minimum.

Another factor is being very specific about your search, like "hot chick" can mean KFC and then "hott chick" can mean being banned from using the cafe. If Trinidad and Tobago Carnival results gives you unnecessary results like the Carnival Curry down in Mayaro, then rephrase, try 2009 Demache Gras results Trinidad and Tobago.

Usually, if you don’t get what you’re looking for within the first three pages of your search result, your chances are grim. Check our staff at the counter we may be able help. Who knows we may have already have the research done and saved, just to print and give to you, since it is one of the services we provide.

How do I save my stuff?

Another tedious aspect of doing research – How do I save what I need, without taking along unwanted ads and information from the website. That’s very simple – Copy and Paste, two of the smaller more appreciated words in the computing world.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can edit it to suite your taste and needs. Open any kind of blank word processing document (notepad, word, etc.). It gets a little tricky here but just follow carefully. On the webpage with the information, highlight what you need, right click on the selected info, and go to “Copy” on the drop down menu that appears, you’re halfway there. After copying the info return to your blank document, right click anywhere and on the drop down menu select paste. That’s it. Now you can edit the information to suite your style and cost.

When you’ve selected and edited your information, you will need to save it for future use, or simply to print. On the word document at the top left corner, select the

  • “File” option, from that dropdown menu simply select
  • “Save as”. Selecting “Save as” will bring you into a dialog box known as Windows Explorer.
  • You will have access to all the drives and folder on your machine.
  • In the cafe we usually advise our customer to save their files in the “My Documents” folder.
  • It’s the safest place to save your files whether it’s in browwwsers or on your personal pc.
  • If there are difficulties in the process, feel free to ask for our help, whether it’s in the cafe or you’re at your work desk reading this.