Cafe Policies


With our Linux based routers, browwwsers provides a quick and stable connection to the world wide web. With 20 machines at our disposal, customers are assured of fast access without having to wait.

For the past eleven years we have operated under code of mutual trust, while most of our customers abide by this, it is now an unfortunate reality that there are some users that are trying to compromise the quality of the computing experience that we offer. In an effort to curb these activities and maintain our high standards we have been forced to implement the following measures. While these may not affect the majority of our customers, it will make it more difficult for some users to abuse the system.

Using Office
Due to the prohibitive pricing of Microsoft products, we have provided a free alternative in its place. This alternative is OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a worthy alternative to Mircrosoft Office, and it's Open Source software, thus free. It will open and save ppt, xls, doc formats.

Saving files
If you don't save your work, and the time runs out, your will lose everything, hence, we advise you to always be aware of your remaining time, which is usually located at the top middle of your screen. To also assist you in saving your work, we have provided easy to follow steps, that can ensure you efficiently save your work. However, if any difficulties are encountered, our staff is ever ready and always around to assist you.

Please save all documents to "My Documents", you may create a folder with your name, the assistant will then print the document for the counter PC. This measure is put in place, only to help you - the customer, cut cost of printing, as well prevent any unnecessary prints.

Typing of documents
Job letters, recommendations, changing dates or names on a legal documents, or printing on letterheads. The companies' I. D. will be required as authorization for any work to be carried out on official documents.

File transfers
USB flash drives and compact disc drives have been disabled on our systems.These drives have been disabled to prevent any viruses from entering our network, as well as, prevent any from corrupting your storage device. In order to access any data you may need from your storage device, the assistant at the counter will transfer your files to whichever system you wish to use, this is done after a full free virus scan is done on your device.

User Accounts
When your account is created your password is generic please ensure that you change it on your first login. Please ask for assistance if you are unsure of the procedure.

Time Monitoring
Your time on your account is not limited and will not expire. Please end your session before leaving if you are not sure please ask for assistance.

Deviant behaviour
In particular, the following is deemed unacceptable use or behaviour by customers:Visiting Internet sites that contain obscene, hateful or pornographic material

  • Using other people's time
  • Using the computer to perpetrate any form of fraud, or software or music piracy
  • Downloading commercial software or any copyrighted materials belonging to third parties, unless this download is covered or permitted under a commercial agreement or other such liscence.
  • Hacking into unauthorised areas.
  • Introducing any form of computer virus into the network
  • Customers caught trying to use unauthorized passwords will be banned from future of the cybercafe.