VISA Applications

US & Canadian VISA Applications

Service Includes:

  • Completion of Online Application Form
  • MRV(Machine Readable Visa) Form for Payment
  • Scheduling Interviews


·         Applicant may purchase a SAMPLE template for the type/class of Visa at a cost of $2.50 (US Forms) and $4.50 (Canadian). This form is to be filled out by hand and brought back for the information to be transferred to the formal application.

Applies to US Visa Applicants:

·         Upon completion of the application, one will receive both the Confirmation forms and the MRV(Machine Readable Visa)  form to make payments.

·         Once payment has been processed, applicant may come back to schedule appointments and collect the necessary printouts of confirmation, scheduling and document checklists.

Applicant will receive ALL print outs of ALL forms/documents that are necessary for submission which are inclusive of the service charge.


We are neither affiliated nor associated with any embassies or Government Institutions.  Our services extend as far as Customer Service/Assistance with regards to any Visa application that is completed and submitted here. We are not liable for any errors caused due to changes or upgrades made by the respective embassies or international criteria.  

One of the many varied services we provide is the application and submission of VISA Forms. At browwwsers we understand how important it is to know and trust whomever is entering your personal and family data on the internet. Since the inception of the online VISA's we have been assisting customers with whatever information they may need. Although, we are not connected to any foreign embassies located in Trinidad and Tobago, we do try to assist all of our customers. If for some reason we are unable to accommodate you regarding any of the applications, trust that we will refer you to whichever organisation we believe is able to assist you in the right manner. We have in our database local telephone numbers for most of the foreign embassies in Trinidad and Tobago, so if there is an issue we are truly not familiar with, we will not ill advise you, we are here to help.

The following are links to various VISA application forms:

US VISA Application and Appointments:

US Visa Appointment:

Canadian VISA Form Options:

United Kingdom VISA Application forms:

Apart from the full service we offer for almost all VISA applications, customers can come in and simply pay for their own time on one of our systems, and submit the applications themselves. Our staff will gladly assist you in any way necessary to help in entering the information required.

Disclaimer: Please note that browwwsers is in no way affiliated with any foreign embassies in Trinidad & Tobago. The application and submission of VISA forms is done solely at the customers discretion. browwwsers is not responsible for any errors made therein. However, we do try to the best of our ability, to assist you in any way possible.