Social Networking

What is Social Networking?

I could Google it and give you a dictionary term, but I prefer not to. Social Networking is simply a term given to online communication. Whether it’s MSN messenger, Facebook, Skype, Digicel text option (Digicel to Digicel only though), or e-mails, all are Social Networking.

Don’t let the term intimidate you; all of them are very simple to access and to use. At browwwsers we can help you from start to finish. We can help you create your account, make up your contact list, help you send your email, and upload as many photos as you wish. Even if you come in and you don’t find a particular messenger on our pc, tell us. Letting us know what you would like to have, will only help us improve the service we offer to you.

We have a total of twenty systems; each one is equipped with webcams and microphone headsets. Our Linux based servers ensure that the ultimate high speed connection you have access to is virus free, and unfailing. Video chat for hours without having to wait hours on buffering, and as far as chatting all day goes, we have specials that accommodate that too (all day access $40.00).

For customers who prefer to use their laptops can rest easy. You guys get a dedicated high speed broadband connection all to yourself. And again our experienced staff will guide you through any issues or complications which may arise.