Cyber Cafe setup

browwwsers cybercafé has been in existence for over 20 years (we don't like being told we're old).
Being one of the oldest and most reliable cyber cafe's in Trinidad and the Caribbean, with a hard working and reliable staff, trust us when we say you wouldn’t want anyone else setting up your cyber cafe.

By setting up your cafe we mean, building all your systems, programming every one of them, all with fully legitimate software and malware protection, training your staff, even setting up your security system and programming your point of sales system, and off course you can’t beat the fact that you can call on us anytime you need help or advice. We have never considered ourselves as being a part of the competition (maybe because we are too far ahead), so never worry about us holding the good stuff out on you.

Almost all the software we will offer you is open source, meaning you never have to worry about big legal licensing issues, or small matters of reinstalling a program. Everything, we assure you, is easily available.

browwwsers acts as an entrance point to the communication high way called the internet, our customers vary from students who need's assistance for their research activities to professionals who travel and need access to the internet, and anyone else wishing to explore the internet.

At browwwsers we also use a special software to manage our cybercafe. This software tends to keeps track of our customers time records and customer accounts, using this software reduces the time spent manually recording time and helps increase our staff's prompt response to our customers want's and satisfaction.