browwwsers opened its' doors as a cybercafe in 1996 making it the most experienced and longest serving cybercafe in the Caribbean.

Located in the heart of San Fernando at 1 A La Pique Plaza, 1st floor.
Call us at 868 653 4663 or E-mail us .

From the onset browwwsers set itself apart from the pack by consistently providing excellent
personalised service.With a loyal, highly trained staff, who have been here since the inception
of the cybercafe, browwwsers has gained a reputation for consistency and quality.

We have a clientele that has stayed with us over the years, from daily to weekly visits. We thank
them for their continued patronage.

browwwsers CYBER CAFE' started off as just that, a cybercafe, but over the years has matured into a multi faceted business ranging from computer system integration and
sales, networking, graphic-design, Linux implementation to redundant servers, web design, PC repairs and Point of Sales configuration, programming and training.