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Monday, 19 September 2016 20:00
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Whats the catch? Nothing is for FREE.

Well the site is built for free once the hosting is provided by browwwsers

All communication is digital meaning that photographs, text and all other files must be transmitted via e-mail or online storage.

While we love to meet our customers, with this package, there will be no face to face communication unless you wish to come into our San Fernando branch.


Responsive templates-loads of designs!

Up to 10 Pages
One (1)  - Custom This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.
Multi level navigation
Tablet and Mobile responsive design
Inline contact form
Search Engine optimization -SEO
Social network integration
1 limited free update per month
NO Ads

Our hosting

US Located dedicated servers.

This ensures that there is no co-location as with other budget servers,meaning that your site will stay up if the server bank has issues. We own our server and as such only our site reside there.

Bi weekly data backup - In the event that your site is compromised we can restore it within 5 minutes.

Multiple redundancy for Power, Cooling and Internet backup

Fast Hardware


Each CPU uses multiple cores and threads to decrease the time it takes to complete processes. Tasks are completed faster and gives your users a quick response.


RAM is used in conjunction with the CentOS operating system to pull files faster and serve files to your users. It does so by loading commonly queried data into RAM, and then delivers this information without having to be requested from the hard drive.

Fast Network

To ensure uptime and a fast connection, our network uses BGP4 Smart Routing technology. If there is an unexpected drop or latency, our network will seamlessly switch connections.

In order to decrease the time between a file request and when it is served, we use Direct Data-Peering Connections. This there are fewer hops through which a file travels.


Local issues will be handled in a timely manner and with our redundant backup even the most critical of issues can resolved in minutes.

If you wish we can register your domain, the cost - typically between TT$200. 00 and $300.00 per annum

The Hosting cost? Less than TT$5.00 per day prepaid. Or in plain English $1800.00 + VAT per annum prepaid.

So in a nutshell $150.00 month gets you all that plus a monthly update........give us a call!

Please call us 653 HOME, 221 HOME or WhatsApp 733 HOME. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.