Linux Servers

Linux Servers

At browwwsers we build, configure and setup Linux servers to suite your business needs. With our skilled and well experienced technicians, browwwsers will configure your server to accommodate:

  • The highest level of permissions on your network
  • To be immune form windows viruses
  • To have multiple redundant raid data backup
  • To have an easy to use (GUI) graphical user interface
  • And very cost efficient

Using Linux you will find yourself having a great advantage over the other operating systems with regards to saving money and having a well secured, well encrypted and private network. At browwwsers we understand the importance and confidentiality of your data, therefore, we have taken it up to ourselves to learn and master this operating system called Linux. Having specialized in this Linux software we can now offer a secure and very cheap solution to your data storage.

NO Virus

Advantages of Linux server:

Less frequent crashes than those other operating systems.


Don’t have to pay for any licenses/ uses freeware programs saving you money.


Microsoft Windows 2008 server 1-8 cpu, 25 clients, single pack oem-$ 25000.00
Linux Operating system over 25 clients with permission -$ 0.00

Data Recovery and Backup Plan


Offers one of the highest levels of encryption and security for data storage.

Linux is a very reliable and cost-cutting system for your business. While browwwsers reduces the stress of building, configuring, and setting up your Linux server, just for a small cost your company may see the benefits of having a great, reliable, well stable, and properly secure operating system that will reduce the risk of your company data going in the wrong hands and being accessed by unauthorized persons.