Computer Repairs

WHY CHOOSE browwwsers?

Our Skilled, professional, and highly trained computer technicians are dedicated to providing customers with prompt, efficient service within a friendly and professional atmosphere. We repair and service all makes and model of PC’s as well as all makes and model of laptops . Our procedures and methodology are second to none.

Now Ask:

Is your machine taking forever to boot up or shut down? Are blue screens driving you mad?

Then bring it into browwwsers.

At browwwsers, we are dedicated to restoring your pc to its original working state. Our experienced and fully trained staff are ready to take the hassle out of your computer or network  nightmare  and can fix any computer problem – anytime, anywhere.

Services Include:

Pc Updating & Maintenance

  • Virus/trojan removals, spyware & malware removal, anti-viral tools are installed to prevent re-infection.
  • Service pack updates are preformed to ensure software patches and versions are correct.
  • Complete hard drive optimization is executed and free tools for more efficient browsing and productivity are loaded.

All this is done in our secure well-equipped service centre by Qualified technicians.

Data Recovery

Has important and highly valuably data been accidentally deleted or lost due to a failing hard drive? At browwwsers we know your DATA is of the utmost importance to you. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with both the knowledge and  state of the art data recovery tools . Once it CAN be recovered we can get it. Our recovery success rate is 85%.

Custom Built Systems.

Customized systems can be designed and built to suit your budget and your personal needs. Whether it’s a simple home pc, Mega gaming machine or high-tech server we can source the parts, build and program it.


Complete rejuvenation of your machine with this unrivalled service. Machines are completely stripped and pressure blown to dislodge all dirt, followed by deep contact cleaning to remove oxidation.

Software is the next phase, data is secured and confidentially backed up and the drive formatted and partitioned to ensure the safety of your data. PC Updating & Maintenance procedures are then followed as stated above, your computer will be loaded with programs that will optimize your experience at the keyboard.

Systems are then bench marked, and a burning test is preformed. The final phase – an external cleansing that ensures your pc returns like new.